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Finally Getting the Right Probiotics Thanks to HUM Nutrition

We are what we eat

You may be well aware of how good nutrition protects you from getting non-communicable diseases and helps you maintain a healthy physique. You may know how much protein, carbohydrates, and fats your diet needs to help you live well and long. Often, you hear people talk of nutrition concerning weight gain and related diseases. But, nutrition affects much more than your weight. What you eat matters to the health of your gut, your skin, your reproductive health, your immune system, and—last but not least—your mood! This is largely thanks to something called micronutrients. These are the vitamins and minerals that your body most certainly needs, but only in minute amounts. These are the little fellows who keep the party going!

HUM is here to help

HUM is here to help your party go well. Here’s how. Unlike proteins, carbohydrates, and fats micronutrients are not one single type of nutrient. Your body cells orchestrate thousands of different reactions to function well. Each of these reactions needs an orchestra made of different vitamins, minerals, and other organic compounds. These are naturally found in many plant sources and some animal sources. The products from HUM are purely natural products that have the various micronutrients that your body needs. The majority of HUM products are from plant sources. HUM products are made of natural ingredients that are tested for purity (actually, triple-tested) and potency. HUM products are clinically tested for effectiveness against various ailments that affect the skin and hair, the body, and the mind. What more? HUM products are free of artificial sweeteners, colors, and GMO-based ingredients. HUM products are gluten-free too.

HUM is all about you

Another thing about micronutrients is how micronutrients are absorbed, used, and removed changes from person to person. Of course, the fundamental roles of these micronutrients in HUM products are just the same in all of us. However, the apparently small differences in how these micronutrients are processed make a world of a difference. This difference partly accounts for the difference in the health of people sharing similar diets. That’s why HUM aims to give you a tailor-made plan to use the products. HUM creates a nutrition profile based on your answers to a short 3 minutes quiz. Then, a nutritionist report complete with recommendations personalized to your needs is prepared. At HUM, you can also consult well-qualified and experienced nutritionists for free. You can then choose the HUM products that will benefit you the most.

HUM offers more than hope

HUM products are here to help you get closer to the best you. You can get your hands on products tailor-made for your specific ailments at HUM. Products for clear skin, for good gut health, for hydrated skin, for glowing skin, to reduce wrinkling, and much more awaits you at HUM. HUM products designed to improve your mood help you be happier, calmer, and less stressed are just a click away at HUM. HUM offers products that improve your sleep. HUM also boasts of products designed to improve the mental health of women undergoing menopause. Products tailor-made to improve hair and nail health are getting increasingly popular at HUM.

HUM skin squad

HUM skin squad capsules are just what you need if you are looking for clear and acne-free skin. HUM skin squad is clinically proven to be effective against acne. Our study demonstrated just that. HUM skin squad has been shown to effectively reduce breakouts in 88% of study participants with non-cystic acne. HUM skin squad capsules are rich in probiotics and prebiotics. These ingredients improve the quality of your gut microbiome. A better gut microbiome keeps your gut functional and healthy. Improved gut function and health have far-reaching benefits that include better skin health. HUM skin squad is also a gluten-free and vegan product that decorates the shelves at HUM.

What’s with the gut bacteria?

It’s not only our planet that we share with millions of other organisms. Our body is a thriving ecosystem teeming with life. In fact, there are billions of more microbial cells in our body than our own cells. Most of these microbes call our skin and gut their home. They arrived just as we were born and chose to stay! Our body lets them stay as long as they do not cause any diseases. The majority of these permanent visitors in our gut are bacteria. They thrive on what we eat and what we shed. Gross? Don’t be quick to judge. HUM skin squad aims to better accommodate them. These bacteria are no freeloaders. The naturally present bacteria in our gut help us better absorb micronutrients. They protect us from infestations and infections by other harmful organisms. Therefore, they reduce the levels of inflammation in our bodies. This is good, because unnecessary and uncalled for inflammation is guilty of causing many ailments including skin conditions. Our gut microbiome also helps with digestion. What more? The gut bacteria produce signals that influence mood and behavior too. That’s exactly why the HUM skin squad aims to get more of these little friends down there.

Probiotics and prebiotics in HUM skin squad

Not all bacteria qualify to live within your body. Only the best and most beneficial deserve a place within the gut. Food and medicines containing these microbes are called probiotics. HUM skin squad boasts selectively chosen bacteria that are most beneficial for your skin health. HUM skin squad capsules include nine strains of bacteria. These probiotics in the HUM skin squad help decrease breakouts of acne and develop an even skin tone. HUM skin squad doesn’t stop with getting the good bacteria into the gut. It provides them with the right fertilizers that help them thrive well in their new home. Konjac roots act as the fertilizers in the HUM skin squad. These fertilizers are called prebiotics. Prebiotics help the growth of good bacteria already present in the gut in addition to the newly introduced probiotics. This combined action of HUM skin squad is what makes them so effective in giving your clear, even-toned, and well-hydrated skin.

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